• Sermiligaaq

    East Greenland

  • Sermikiq fjord

    I was kayaking between villages listening to stories

  • Tasiilaq

    East Greenland

  • Malin in Sermiligaq 1993

  • Malin has returned to Greenland over and over again

    Performing storytelling

    1600 performances live

    Inspired by the myths of Greenland, Malin went on tour 92-99 with her storytelling exhibition called

    “A Journey in the

    Arctic border regions”.


    43.000 people heard the stories

  • I heard a hunter's tale from

    East Greenland

    Drum dance battle 1906 between

    Kuitse and Nujagpik - Ammassalik

    Kalaallit Nunaat

  • This story is about focusing on the currage that you might need to deal with a future threat.

    Malins culture house on wheels

    a digital nomad with a mobile stage

    performing storytelling

    the story as we present it

    This is the result of the numerous occasions that Malin as a performing storyteller have told it on stage.


    During many performances it transformed and became quite a different narrative than the legend it started out from.


    This production is brought forward by Malin Skinnar, adventurer and multi-artist, as well as a team consisting of artists with various skills.

    Live sending on the road

    Animation and music

    Power of the polar bear

  • East Greenland


  • Ittoqqortoormiit East Greenland