• Play and you become brave.

    With courage follows strength.


    Ingvar Karpsten

    & Malin

    concept, writing, development

    From Sweden living in France


    Lisa Scarf

    & Malin

    stopmotion crossover animation

    From Estonia living in Germany


    Celso Paco

    & Malin


    worldmusic, percussion, voices

    From Moçambique living in Sweden


    Carl Bromell

    & Stormfågel


    studio, voice over, sound design

    From Österlen living in Malmö


    Malin Skinnar

    art director, illustrator, storyteller, researcher, idea, music, voices

    From Sweden living in Estonia



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  • Co Writer

    Ingvar Karpsten - Geneva

  • Creator

    Malin Skinnar

    Rural places

    Traditional knowledge and dynamic adaptions


    Malin is a digital nomad from Sweden, now based in Tallinn, Estonia. She is a storyteller and folkloric multi-artist incorporating writing, music, visual art and live performance.


    Having grown up in the countryside, she has traveled the world for most of her adult life, living with and learning from peoples in Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Bulgaria, Gambia, Senegal, Sapmi, Svalbard, and especially Greenland.


    She is broadcasting live and publishes journals online, such as the poetical traveling documentary about the singing elderly women in the mountains of northern Romania.

    Sustainable Living

    Essential in order to survive


    Spread over more than a decade, she lived periodically with hunters in remote villages of Greenland, while hunting and fishing was still essential in order to survive, and while children were still playing outdoors, before the penetration of cable TV and the Internet.


    During an extensive stay in Eastern Greenland, spending a lot of time with the younger generation of rockers and hip hoppers, she has followed the transition from traditional living to a tentative modernization of daily life and moral values.


    Malin's main themes are rural sustainable living and personal resilience in a rapidly changing world.

  • Musician

    Celso Paco & Malin


    Minik & Pani - Power of the Polar bear

    Music by Malin & Celso MACE

    Perfofming Voice artists

    Voices & animation Malin, Percussion Celso

    We are improvisers and world musicians

    Improvising artists

    Voices Malin & Celso, Video Malin

    All is created in the moment